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Train ABC
Alphabet Train 
Visual stimulation 
Numbers, Letters and Pictures for easy learning, Blocks have both upper and lower case letters,Blocks rotate as train is pulled along, The 3 carriages can be unhooked 
Length 470mm, Height 105mm, Wide 95mm
NZ$ 45.00
Train Small
Train small 
Excellent 4pce Train, Strong and Sturdy 
New Zealand made 
Length 480mm, Wide 62mm, Height 85mm 
Carriages big enough for small cars
NZ$ 36.50
Train Large
Train large 
Large Train engine and 3 Carriages, Strong and Sturdy 
New Zealand made 
Length 650mm, Wide 85mm, Height 150mm 
Carriages contain coloured blocks
NZ$ 61.50
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