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Tractor and Trailer
Tractor & Trailer 
Length 310mm, Height 130mm, Wide 105mm 
Strong and Sturdy, Trailer is quite deep and can carry animals etc., Trailer can be unhooked from Tractor 
Pictures shows Rimu Tractor and Trailer 
Wooden Animals also available
in Rimu NZ$ 39.99   in Pine NZ$ 35.00
Tractor and Trailer
Blue Tractor & Trailer
A classically styled blue farm tractor and detachable trailer with 5 wooden farm animals.  Peg person, farmer Ted, is removable and the animals can all ride in his trailer.
Tractor: L 200mm, W 100mm, H 125mm
Trailer: L 140mm, W 125mm, H 70mm
NZ$ 55.50
Fences made from wood
Wooden Fences 
To hold your animals
Creat your own Farm or Zoo
Lenght of single fence 165mm
Single Fence NZ$ 2.50  Dopple Fence NZ$ 5.00  Corner Fence NZ$ 5.00
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