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Sorting Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark Sorting 
Children help Noah herd the animals through the different shaps into the ark. Teaches coodination and problem solving skills, plus stimulating their imagination.
Length 260mm, Height 200mm, Wide 140mm
NZ$ 30.50
Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark
This beautiful wooden Noah's ark comes with 5 pairs of animals and Mr and Mrs Noah.  The 'swimming' fish on one side can be moved backwards and forwards helping to develop fine motor skills.
Lenght 310mm, Height 250mm, Wide 160mm
NZ$ 58.50
Sorting Truck
Animal Sorting Truck 
A fun way for your child to learn about animals, shapes and sorting. Once all the animals are safe in, take them for a ride by pulling the truck along
Lenght 270mm, Wide 125mm, Height 160mm
NZ$ 30.50
Learning Centre
Abacus Clock Alphabet 
All in one toy, Stands independently 
The letters are accompanied by pictures of an object starting with the letter on one side and both upper and lower case letter on the other side, Beads to be counted are on the bottom, And a clock with movable hands 
NZ$ 29.99